Soldier dies trying to escape woman in lodge

The soldier is said to have tried to escape the woman after staying with her in the guest room for more than three hours.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The soldier was said to have entered into a relationship with a woman around midnight, and when it was 9:00 p.m., he tried to escape his woman by jumping over a wall.

• Unfortunately, he fell and was stabbed in the head by a sharp object leading to his death.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

A police inspector in the Arusha region, Arumeru district in Tanzania named Stewart Kaino aged 47 is reported to have died when he tried to jump over the wall of a guest house trying to escape from a woman he had already had intimate relations with.

According to information from the neighboring country, Kaino entered the event around six o'clock at midnight accompanied by a woman who was not identified by name.

After having fun with her for several hours, Kaino made an attempt to escape by jumping over the wall but fell and was stabbed in the head to death by what was said to be a sharp object.

"At around six o'clock, he entered with a woman and registered in the guest book and was given a room and then entered with the woman, holding a small backpack and a communication radio that she had in her hand.

Around nine o'clock at night, he left the room and left the woman sleeping. He went to the back of the house and jumped the gate with the aim of escaping the woman, when he fell and was stabbed in the head with a sharp object," a witness who did not want his name to be published told TanzaniaWeb.

Reports claim that after the security guard heard the noise, he arrived quickly and found the officer on the ground and he was bleeding rapidly while holding his bag in his hand.

When the police were called to the scene, they found that their fellow officer had already died and when they searched his bag, they found a communication radio, a bottle of beer, and two phones, one of which was suspected to belong to the woman.

The police removed the body of the deceased from the scene and reports said that it had already been transported to Bukoba for burial according to religious traditions, while an investigation was launched to determine the whole incident.

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