Runaway crime: CCTV of boda boda rider violently grabbing handbag upsets Kenyans

Sidewalks, footpaths have been invaded by street families and other posing a security risk

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Boda Bodas in the CBD have been pointed out as a risk to Nairobians.

• Nairobi Governor has made an aorder to this effect

Boda Boda parked
Image: The-Star

The increase of muggings in the city has Kenyans alarmed and asking for a solution. Hawkers have notoriously taken over Bellevue, Cabanas, Transami, Pipeline, Fedha, Kware, and Mutindwa footbridges, according to cries by KOT.

Boda Boda is also a nuisance on these streets and Kenyans crying out over their role in helping criminals.

A video of a boda boda rider swiftly grabbing a pedestrian's handbag and making away with it has elicited more concern.

The CCTV footage courtesy of hyzomanu (Tiktok) shows a woman walking while holding her handbag on her right-hand side along a deserted road.

A boda boda rider comes from behind and grabs the bag. The elderly lady reacts with shock and watches as he rides off with her possessions.

The woman in the 26-second clip tries to run after him but is unable to catch up.

Mike Sonko responded to the CCTV saying, "Woiyee Mum I can only imagine the pain.... Ukiona huyu mama akitoka hiyo Mbio lazima amepoteza some valuables... Jana at Donholm, Nairobi Githaa ya 6:28 Pm...."

Read some more comments from Kenyans below;

thekikombeThe saddest part of this is the three other people behind her proceeding casually like nothing happened. 😢😢

frankmlocksThe problem is, no one is willing to help

_school_of_smoke254I think nairobi shida ni moja , hakuna umoja wallahi vitu kama izi haziwezekaniwi kuendelea mombasa twaingikia kati , mbna wananchi wasiingilie kati ba waanze kuweka sungusungu

_missdon_Assuming yeye ni treasurer wa chama,pesa za wamama ziko apo😪nani atamskiza sasa na hii economy

Nairobi county Governor Johnson Sakaja has meanwhile issued a directive to tame the rampant crimes committed by youth in Nairobi city.

"Just spoken to the new Inspector General @PoliceKE . We have agreed to meet and share solutions and tasks in restoring order and security in Nairobi. Security may be a National Function but it’s our shared responsibility. We will support our officers as they protect our people."

He also reiterated that street families have to stop camping on flyovers.

"Footbridges and flyovers are for use by pedestrians. We’ve restored and cleaned 3 along Landhies and Jogoo road that had become a dangerous harbor and mugging scenes. We shall return sanity and order."

KOT has also weighed in on his directive.

@0x010x·Few metres from the Footbridge and underpass, you'll see small vikundi of youths doing nothing the whole day, just chatting - these might be the groups mugging people on corners, footbridges, underpasses etc.. ban those vikundis so they can find something and be productive.

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