• The late Frank Obegi's death has been met with shock online.

• The late Frank was a well-known commenter on the social media app, Twitter.

in a file photo
The late Frank Obegi in a file photo
Image: Twitter

Blogger and influencer Frank Obegi was found dead yesterday. His body along with 3 others was found mutilated in Kijabe Forest.

Since then, Frank has trended on Twitter with even a celebrity like Femi One chiming in writing,

"Damn !! RIP Frank Obegi one of my most loyal fans."

Femi wasn't the only Kenyan who mourned the late Frank with the many Kenyans also eulogising the late blogger.

Some of those comments are below;

Madam Sarah It is sad Frank Obegi is no more, each year you pass your death anniversary date without knowing it & someday you will unknowingly pose for a photo that will be used at your funeral.

A-A-RON@necchy On Frank Obegi and more of this. All I can say is this: Of late, there has been an increase in the number of young Kenyans requesting Cashapps, Zelle, Venmo, Bank accounts, World remit, Send wave, PayPal, and home addresses of their friends/ family in the US and North America.

Angel Teshy I recall very well I once saw this Frank Obegi guy in a certain entertainment joint in Westlands and boy was popping bottles like hell in a group of women and other dudes. Pia sisi madem tunapea hawa maboy pressure ya life!

Substone Osoro That DCI narrator should give us a blow-by-blow account of what Frank Obegi and his friends were involved in.

in a file photo
The late Frank Obegi in a file photo
Image: Twitter

Mpasho can' post all the messages as some of them paint a less than savoury image of the late Twitter bigwig.

The influencer is among four mutual friends who went missing a week ago in Nairobi's Kasarani area.

Lari OCPD Anderson Furaha said that the three bodies were badly mutilated and it seems they were killed through strangulation and had their private parts chopped off.

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