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A senior policeman in Murang'a County wants the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to apologise for allegedly misinforming the public.

The officer said the DCI, through social media, called his wife names after they falsely accused her of spiking his drink.

On Monday, DCI wrote on its social media platforms that a man had been admitted to the hospital after a woman he was drinking with stupefied his drink. The woman was accused of unsuccessfully trying to empty the man's bank accounts before the bar waiter came to his rescue.

But it now turns out the woman and the man were married, and he just felt sick when they were out having some drinks.

"I take alcohol. My wife does not take alcohol. I was feeling unwell, but I was determined to take my wife out. But after taking several bottles, I felt weak and told my wife to drive me to the hospital," he said.

According to the policeman, after regaining consciousness, his wife was nowhere to be found.

"I enquired about how I ended up in the hospital, and the nurses told me that police officers from Kenol police station brought me in," he added.

He was then shown the DCI Twitter timeline where the story had been published.

The tweet thread narrated how a man was fighting for his life at a hospital in Murang’a County after a drink he was taking was laced with an unknown substance by his lover, rendering him unconscious. 

The DCI story suggested the woman was a member of the 'basmati babes' gang and the man was just another victim.

His wife, who was being detained, was later released after explaining that she was his wife. The police who arrested her also apologized for the incident.

The senior police officer now wants DCI boss George Kinoti to order the immediate restructuring of DCI's social media platforms.

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