A Canadian national called Abdulahi Ali will be detained for a week after he allegedly slit a fellow reveller's throat at a club.

Police say that Abdulahi allegedly slit Muriiki Muriuki's throat with a broken glass at a Kilimani club on December 27th. 

The police report stated that Muriuki was with a woman at the Gemini Club at Adlife Plaza located in Kilimani before the Canadian national attacked him.

According to police sources, sleuths have already obtained CCTV footage of the crazy incident. According to those who have seen the video of the altercation, Muriuki seemed to be protecting the woman.

Abdulahi is then seen picking up a broken glass before attacking Muriuki who was then left with injuries. Police are still unsure about why the altercation started in the first place. 

Interesting thing is that the Canadian citizen was visiting Kenya for the December holidays. Muriuki was in the ICU for several days after his throat was slit twice and was discharged on January 1st.

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