I prayed with my son 20 minutes before he was stabbed-Mom of slain chief


The mother of the murdered Kirinyaga chief, who was buried on Thursday, says she counseled the couple the night her son was stabbed to death.

Rose Njeru, who is a nominated MCA in Kirinyaga County, then prayed with the warring couple in their house and left.

She was called by the deceased’s wife 20 minutes later, informing her of what had transpired. Rose rushed to their house and saw her son lying lifeless in a pool of blood. The widow, Jedida Wanja, is under police custody awaiting murder charges.

She spoke on Thursday during the burial ceremony of her son, 36-year-old son Dennis Magu. She described him as loving, caring, and affable.

“Magu was not only my firstborn but a best friend as well. He held a very special place in my heart and with his departure, I feel a great sense of loss. Despite the pain, it is well with my soul and I have accepted that he is no more,” said the mother.

In the ceremony, other Kirinyaga leaders said many domestic fights are triggered by the use of mobile phones.

They called for widespread marital counseling in the county, including mental health counseling.

By the time of his death, Magu was six months into his new role as the Kiamugumo assistant chief.

The leaders' call came in the wake of rising domestic violence cases in Gichugu constituency, Kirinyaga county.

County woman representative Wangui Ngirici regretted that social pillars were steadily eroding as a result of deteriorating mental wellness emanating from tough economic situations.

Speaking in Gichugu, Ngirici noted that mental health was a concern that needed to be confronted head-on and promised to ensure that psycho-social support is provided from January.

“The nasty effects we are witnessing is enough proof to arouse our thinking as leaders on how we can help nip in the bud this social vice that is spreading like wildfire,” she said.

“Beginning January 6, we shall embark on an aggressive counseling campaign across Gichugu and the entire county to sensitise our people on the need to respect life as well as how to soberly handle marriages."

The MP further attributed cell phones as one of the factors wreaking havoc in marriages by instilling mistrust among partners. She advised couples to tame their ways on how to use the device.

“Cellphones are confidential personal effects that should not be tampered with, especially without the consent of your partner. Couples should also avoid snooping on each other’s phones because doing so becomes the onset of mistrust and other issues that destabilize the marriage.”

Nominated MCA Carol Muriithi called on the religious fraternity to organise a special prayer event in the constituency.

She urged couples not to shy away from walking out on marriages if they become wary of red flags that could signal irreconcilable differences.

Njagi Makanga, an aspiring MP for Gichugu constituency, expressed the need for the establishment of rehabilitation and counseling facilities in the constituency.

Presiding priest Munene Ngoru said couples should tolerate one another and ask for help when things go haywire.

Area deputy county commissioner James Wanyoike called on all residents to be each other’s keepers and walk out on violent marriage partners.

Magu’s death is one of the three gruesome murder incidents in Gichugu that have been reported in a span of two weeks.

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