Cliff Ombeta in court
Cliff Ombeta in court

The mystery of the missing Ethiopian businessman seems to heat up after city lawyer Cliff Ombeta unleashed registration details of the car that abducted the tycoon.

Businessman Samson Teklemichael was abducted from Kileleshwa and his wife, Milen Mezgebo, maintained her husband is a reputable businessman who exports gas cylinders to Ethiopia and that he had not expressed fears over his life.

In a series of tweets, lawyer Ombeta wrote, "Listen carefully. If a Subaru blocks you and they try to arrest you, as long as they are not in official outfits or have not identified themselves (in this mask age) RESIST. FIGHT. SCREAM. CALL FOR HELP. DEFEND YOURSELF. We do not know who the POLICE are anymore."

Read all about Samson's abduction below:

Adding, "If they were genuine policemen with bona fide intentions, where is Samson? Why has he not been produced in court? Why is IG silent? Why is Kibicho silent? Why is Matiangi silent? Ama bado wako ground kamiti?"

To further validate his claims, Ombeta unleashed details of the Subaru that abducted Samson.

"Cementing my advice. Subaru used was KCD445K."

The car registration details show that the Subaru used stolen car plates. The original car with that number plate actually belongs to a white lorry/ truck.

Check out the car registration details below:

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