Last Sunday Kenyans received news that 3 terrorist convicts had escaped from the dreaded Kamiti Maximum Prison.

The 3, Musharraf Abdalla, Joseph Juma, and Mohammed Abdi would later be apprehended by Kitui locals who became suspicious about their bizarre behaviour. 

How had they been able to escape Kenya's most infamous prison? In an interview yesterday a group of National Police Reservists from Kitui County claimed that the Kamiti three confessed that they had been able to bribe the guards at the government facility. 

The officers added that the trio had offered them a bribe when they had apprehended them after their break out.

“They told us that if their phones did not get lost, we would have let them go. When we asked them why. They stated that Kamiti officers were superior to us in rank. They pleaded with us to set them free and even offered to give us money," one of the reservists called Wambo Ngii claimed.

Another reservist added,

"I asked them to produce their ID and they revealed to us that they did not have them. At that moment, I knew that they were the fugitives. We followed them to the forest and ensured that we arrested them."

Even before the arrest of the fugitives, the government had already arrested several Kamiti Prison officials.