5,000m champion Agnes Tirop, was buried yesterday at her parents' home in Mosoriot, Nandi County.

During the ceremony, friends and family spoke glowingly about the late Agnes but also revealed a lot about her relationship with her husband, Ibrahim Rotich.

It emerged that before her tragic death, the Olympian had complained about her husband, who doubled as her trainer.

A friend of Tirop, Peris Jechirchir divulged that she had confided in her that her husband had threatened to end her life.

Agnes Tirop and her husband
The late Agnes Tirop Agnes Tirop and her husband
Image: Courtesy

She added that the late athlete had even shown her a video where Rotich had told his spouse that he would break the athlete's limbs and even go as far as eliminating her.

"There are things that Agnes showed me. She had been told that her legs would be broken or she would be killed," she narrated.

Peris added that she had reported the matter to Athletics Kenya but no action was taken. Prominent politician Kipchumba Murkomen also spoke at the event saying;

"Because of the old traditions, people in many unions in the country are made to live in marriages that are violent just because they were told that when they go to their homes they should persevere, that they should not leave their husbands," Murkomen stated.

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