Agnes Tirop
Agnes Tirop

The rogue cop story of corporal Caroline Kangogo gripped the nation. From the moment she shot police constable John Ogweno and later security consultant Peter Ndwiga at a hotel, Kagongo became an urban legend.

The search for Kangogo ended after she was found dead with a single gunshot wound to her head.

Her body was found near her parents’ home in Nyawa village near Iten town, Elgeyo Marakwet.

A source said, "She shot herself in the head in a bathroom within a new house that's was under construction."

Her body was slumped against the wall of the bathroom, with her hand still holding the pistol on the floor.

She was still wearing the yellow hoodie and dark trousers that she was captured with on the CCTV footage t the Dedamax Hotel in Kimbo.

This is the picture that went viral on the interwebs, now, with the death of another cop and renowned athlete, Agnes Tirop, the detectives want to control the information making it to social media.

The prime suspect in the murder of Tirop is on the run. Tirop was an officer with the National Police Service as such, the crime scene was cordoned off by police and completely blocked journalists from the scene even after the body was removed.

Sources intimated that the officers had instructions not to allow access like was the case at the home of former police constable Caroline Kangogo three months ago. Kangogo’s home is within the same town.

Agnes Tirop with her husband
Agnes Tirop with her husband

Police said her husband, who has since gone missing, is the prime suspect in the murder.

This is after her husband went missing after he called her parents crying and seeking forgiveness for "an incident" he said he had committed.

Tirop was found lying in a pool of blood on a bed. She had a stab wound on her neck.

Keiyo North police boss Tom Makori said there was a lot of blood on the floor, adding that they collected evidence from the scene, including CCTV cameras, for analysis as part of investigations.

“We will look for him all over and already officers are on the job because he has to explain what he knows about the incident,” Makori said.

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