A resident of Kwena area, Misemwa sub-location in Ndivisi ward, narrowly escaped death after his wife poured boiling water on him following a domestic misunderstanding.

Neighbors rushed to the house of Jacob Wanjala Nabibia upon hearing a distress call and found Jacob on the floor writhing in pain, only to establish that his wife, Sarah Sindani Yingwe had poured hot water on him. 

He was immediately rushed to Webuye District Hospital.

"Couples should try to avoid such cases that can be life-threatening or even result in death. Had we not arrived on time to save Jacob, we would be talking of a different story," said Mercy an unhappy neighbour.

The villagers’ efforts to locate Jacobs’s wife have been fruitless as she has gone missing.

While addressing the media, area Chief Benson Ndala advised couples to desist from solving marital issues while in a state of anger and urging them to instead seek guidance and counselling when family matters overwhelm them.

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