Top prisons leadership visited Nanyuki prisons following an escape of inmates on Friday night in an incident.

The leaders led by Commissioner General of Prisons Wycliffe Ogallo visited Nanyuki GK Prison Sunday to assess the situation.

On the night of Friday, September 24, 14 capital offence inmates escaped from the prison and eight were recaptured and the search goes on to recapture the remaining 6.

Ogolla assured the public the Service is committed to safeguarding the prisoners in safe custody and that all measures will be taken to avoid a repeat of such an incident.

Investigations are ongoing to establish the circumstances that led to such an occurrence. Chiefs have been alerted to get those at large.

The group cut the door grills before escaping.

They are Mareri Tetkor who was convicted of murder, Nangoye Lenawaso (murder), Francis Kamau Nduati (robbery with violence), Lereiyo Lekiare (murder), Patrick Fundi (robbery with violence), and James Sike (robbery with violence).

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