Up until recently when the President finally reopened the country, events had become a thing of the past. It has been almost eight boring months of sitting around and waiting for press briefings.

Since crowds were banned, people became creative and started hosting live shows on Instagram and Facebook.

DJs would go live and entertain their fans while at home, same for comedians and artists. Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, Nadia Mukami are some of the artists who performed live on YouTube, talk about entertainment being brought to your home.

Some like Shafie Weru started hosting guests on their Instagram. It is like Corona made people realize they had another way of entertaining people.

It’s a niche that has been fully exploited since the lockdown started. Crowded events and online ones are more alike than you think, in both artists get to Interact with their fans, just that on Instagram your fans are at home.

Instagram has been the most preferred for live events and since then there has been some sort of competition to break the live viewership record.

Club Covid by Xtian Dela had gained so much popularity that it used to have up to almost forty thousand live viewers at once. He used to host a twerking competition and the winner would go home with, oh okay she would be home if you think about it. Fans would raise like 200k for the winner.

Men loved this kinda entertainment, but there were no girls to grind on them as they enjoyed the show, covid really hit us hard.

Its has been a boring 2020, save for the fact that events are back and normalcy has returned. Some like us are still doing shows online as we wait for gigs to fully kick in.

For the many who don’t know me, am a stand-up comedian and yes I love entertaining people. I performed live on Saturday 17th, 2 am Kenyan Time and 7 pm New York Time, the event will be hosted by Kalenjin Comedy (Instagram). I have always been in touch with my culture and so this event is a perfect opportunity for everybody involved to enjoy and appreciate the Kalenjin culture.

Being cultural has nothing to do with a tribe, it is just vibing with your origins. I vibe with my roots that’s why I branded my own Merchandise called ‘Chemoget’, the word simply means a boss in your own language. So join me on my Instagram (kim_koima) as we laugh and celebrate culture.