Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is in big trouble after she went out partying on Friday night flouting the curfew rules.

The businesswoman plastered her party escapades on her social media complete with time stamps and the date, April 17.

Read the full details in the link below.

Ifikie Mutahi Kagwe! Video of Vera Sidika driving around after curfew

A source told Mpasho,

“Cops are looking for Vera Sidika at her home along Ngecha road. It is alleged that she went for a house party and they came back in a Range Rover Friday past midnight.”

The source continued, “They were four. She has not been at her home for days.”

Cops are requesting for any information on her whereabouts.

On Friday night Vera denied that she was taken to a part in an ambulance.

Joking about it she wrote,

“Y’all better chill. I did not go to no party in an ambulance.”

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If you missed the video of Vera Sidika driving in the dead of the night, hours after the 7pm curfew, watch it below.

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