Blogger Alai has bashed rapper Octopizzo after he blamed Raila Odinga for Conjestina’s current health status.

Conjestina, a once-upon-a-time superstar is living in abject poverty and been in and out of rehab.


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Media personality Carol Radull visited Conjestina at her Rural home in Yala and shared a sad story about the former boxing star.

“A few days ago Flora and I visited Conjestina Achieng at her family home in Yala. She has been top of my mind since covid struck since so many sports people are struggling (more than usual) at this time.

She has lost a lot of weight but physically she is still strong. She is however very angry at what she feels is a system that abandoned her at her time of need. She repeatedly said how she was on top of the world, represented Kenya but felt a lack of recognition.

In her humble hut; what struck me most was a shrine she had put up for silverware – shields and belts; her only reminder of what she used to mean to the country.

I know many have tried to assist her in various ways but unfortunately a lot of those moves have not worked. I am no medical expert; but I see little sense in taking someone to rehab for some time then returning them to the same challenging environment.

In my layman’s assessment; she is not mad but she does need more rehab to overcome her dependence on abusive substances. She also needs some counselling (anger management) But she then needs to be in an environment where her mind is kept busy; where her talent is being used; where she feels useful and appreciated,” Radull posted.

Kenyans reshared photos shared by Radull with many lashing out at the government for deserting a heroine.

‘Am just going to say it coz most of you out here don’t have enough balls to say.
At times I feel this country doesn’t deserve our talents, Conjestina is & will always be a legend.
How Githeri man got all that VIP treatment for standing in line with Nyoyo, yet our siz Conje after representing this country world wide cant even afford good medical health care.
#Awuoro May I get blessed to the level that I could be able to assist her in the smallest ways possible.
Raila Odinga Do you ever see this?
#MoreLifeConje we shall Overcome,’ rapper Octopizzo wrote.



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The Number Nane‘s hitmaker remarks didn’t go well with Robert Alai, who lashed out at him.

Raila should take her to a mental institution?
Raila tasked us to assist Conje in 2012. Mama Ida led the initiative. Nonini, Suzanna Owiyo, me and Sitawa Wafula assisted. Where were you then? Conje’s problems can’t be solved in a puff. They are deeper than your tattoos. They can’t be solved with the shallowness you are showing here,’ Alai wrote in part.


Ask. Conje’s problems starts with her family. She can’t stand up because she has an exploitative family. Every initiative will fail. I can tell you that we even paid and furnished a house for 3 years. When we refused to give the family money, they removed her from the house.