louis Otieno

Media personality Louis Otieno will be making a comeback on a screen near you, very soon.

The former news anchor who took a hiatus for medical reasons revealed his plans for a brand new show.

Louis said, “For those who I am familiar to, I have missed you. I hope to see you soon. I plan to be back with a programme called, The Second Act.”

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Louis battled with an ailment that left him with hearing loss that also affected his balance. He now says he is feeling better and will be getting back to work.

Thanking the people who stood by him when he needed to raise finds for his treatment, he said,

“I reached out to the country and you came out. There are those who came out big and I am thankful to them.”

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Now that he is hail and hearty, Louis strategized with some of his former colleagues at Nation and come up with the show.

“This has taken a lot of work. It is happening because certain people have put together time, money and efforts and want to see me back,” he explained.

Watch the clip below.


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