“Hungry” women now have a new name. They are known as Mafiress/Mafisilets.

These type of women are “sex thirsts”.

They salivate over any male whether he is handsome or not. Some even drool over men just because of their wealth.

Just like men, Mafisi Sacco, there is also a clique of women; Team Mafisiress who have so vocal about their thirst.

They never disappoint. They give credit where its due. Mafisiress will shower men with praises ranging from their looks to inches kwa boxers to how much they are worth.

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That said, here are the six ways to identify a Fisiress; a super thirsty women…

1. Always single

They will always pretend to have never been in a relationship especially if you are meeting her for the first time.

She will play cool and show her soft side but wait until you start dating her.

She will show you her dark side within a week.


2.  Always turning her head when she sees a man, any man

Nothing in a trouser can pass a Mafisiress’ attention.

Whether handsome or not, they will salivate and drool over any man in the name of appreciating God’s creation, kumbe ni sponsor wanatafuta.

They can break their necks over nothing.

How they look at men
How they look at men

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3. They like chatting/flirting

A lady who flirts/chats a lot wit men on texts is a real fisiress.

She is idle and she can manage to chat with more than 20 Wafulas, Otienos and Kamaus.

She is always on phone even when out with pals. She also has a couple of social media pseudo accounts for hunting.


4. Tagging her squad on hot guys pics.

All of you are guilty of this. This could have come first.

Any lady who tags her pals on mens’ pics on Instagram is a fisiress.

Most of them go through Instagram and when they come upon photos of fine men, they don’t like the photos but rather tag their squads so that they can kula kwa macho.


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5. They wear chokers

New “research” by Team Mafisi has revealed that any lady who wears a choker is a fisiress.

How true is this?

Back in the 1860s, Women wore plain red ribbon chokers to indicate that they were prostitutes.

6. Makes moves on men

Mafisiress have guts.

They will make moves on men irrespective of the venue; be it in church, at an entertainment joint, school or even in the matatu.

She will move closer and start complimenting you on how you look, even if deep inside you know you look like Miguna Miguna.