Pendo aka The Ghetto Princess from Nairobi D has taken a turn from the ratchet ways of life to trying to be classy.

When she started appearing on the show, she was in the category of the ratchet and controversial. Pendo has recently taken it a notch lower, less fights on the show, more money moves.


She posted on her Instagram page that her clothing line has not been officially released but we should be aware that it is her step to growing an empire.

For those asking, “SK BY PENDO COLLECTIONS” has not been officially released and I will communicate the release date when ready🤗🤗 Glad you guys love it😚😚 Stay put! 

Her fans seem to be very excited and ready to support her in her money moves journey. In light of that, she has taken up another career in modelling. She had a shoot in amazing attire and what I would call perfectly done makeup.

Harusi tunayo ama hatuna? Is Pendo getting married?

The photos were clear proof of her growth in the limelight maybe away from the socialite category.

Check out photos of her shoot:

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