2020 has not been the greatest year for any industry or job. Despite all the hardships certain individuals managed to rise to fame, here are a few of them.

Crazy Kennar – he had been in the industry for some time but his big breakthrough came this year especially during quarantine where his videos have gone viral. This has opened great business opportunities for him as he continues to entertain us.

Cartoon Comedian – Customaaa!!! She came to the limelight with her video of inaniaffect and too much English and from then it has been endless laughter

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King Kalala – she is known for speaking facts and this year was just fair to her it also brought her the opportunity to work at a radio station.

Flaqo – he plays many characters baba Otis, mama Otis and Otis. He has a knack for great comedy which is relatable. This year was a great year and managed to have a TV commercial and more endorsements on the way.

Azziad – utawezana? She rose to fame with the Utawezana challenge and from there it has been opening doors for her.

Shakila – she went viral through an Instagram live that saw her bare it all and from there she has just done enough stuff to keep making her go viral.

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Foi Wambui – she has been in the industry for some time but we finally get to know her well through her debut role on Sincerely Daisy movie that premiered on Netflix.

Elsa Majimbo – she is going higher than anyone could have ever thought of or imagined. Achieving stuff no one had imagined and now she is international.