Having and maintaining good hair requires effort, but some celebrities have mastered the art and make it look like something easy to do.

 1.Muthoni Wa Mukiri

The Inooro TV presenter is definitely serving hair goals, whether in long or short hair Mukiri knows how to get it right.

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2. Lilian Muli

She loves adorning weaves and wigs and girl they bring out the best features in her. She knows what works for her and she has stuck by it.

Lilian Muli looking glorious
  1. Betty Kyallo

Betty loves experimenting and we must agree that most f the time she knows how to get it right.

Unlike most women, she loves braiding her hair as compared to weaves and wigs.

Betty Kyallo

  1. Janet Mbugua

The mother of two likes to keep it simple, You can spot her in styled braids or a weave.

Janet Mbugua

  1. Kate Actress

Celina as she is fondly known, is serving Kenyans with hair goals, she knows how to pick a hairstyle for every occasion.

Be it casual or official she knows how to slay.

Kate Actress

  1. Kambua

This list would be endless without Kambua, although she is a naturalist she keeps her hair so neat and tidy that it would put other women to shame.

Kambua Mathu