Instagram is all the reality TV one needs. With just a click, you can get behind anyone’s closed doors and find out just about anything concerning them. For their own good, celebrities shouldn’t have Instagram accounts. Here’s why:

1. Instagram has the largest collection of stalkers.

Instagram made work too easy for stalkers. You get to see what your favorite celebrity is eating, where they are living, how their house looks like, what they are wearing to bed, the kind of toothpaste they use…EVERYTHING! Those guys who are always in the comments, lurking, declaring their undying love for celebrities have a field day on Instagram. If a serious stalker wanted to cause serious damage, they’d just need access to your Instagram.

Stalker Gif

2. Instagram Made Celebrities Human.

Life was better when celebrities were out of reach. When they seemed like ethereal creatures living in another planet and breathing totally different air. Imagine the shock we received when going through their IGs we learned that celebrities are human. They eat normal food, live in normal albeit bigger, plusher houses and even go to sleep in normal looking pyjamas. Nowadays running into your favorite celebrity is no big deal thanks to Instagram, you feel like you already know them.

Janet Mbugua

3. Instagram Is Way Too Personal.

Or rather, people have made it that way. Posting every excruciating detail about every waking moment. Which is okay if you are an ordinary low-key Kenyan. But for a celebrity, making your Instagram too personal makes people think they know you. Like they are your friends. And when deranged fans think they are your friends, well, when you see people lunging for you at events, you’ll learn.