Kenyan mothers have revealed that their spouses are not able to handle the children without them around, thus they rarely have ‘me time’.
This they revealed after Kate Actress posed the question

‘Tomorrow is MOTHERS DAY ! Moms if you had a day off kesho would your family manage ? ‘

Below are the reactions

carolinah_mutugi: I just left my 2month old with my husband for 5 min to pick something downstairs…ata sijafika downstairs 10 missed calls already 😫.
There’s no way they’d survive without me..
cate_nimo_ruchu:They would but with call every minute to confirm if uji ya baby huekwa sukari ama diaper change after every 30min😊😊😊.
srahab: Manage!!!!after giving birth I was forced to shave my hair coz immediately I went to the salon.I cld receive more than 10 phone call within an hr.
rubykenyanwriter: Well they would kinda manage because my kids are a little older but definitely the food timings would be wrong and they would not have time to do everything because husbae can’t multi-task 😂😂.
faith_nakshie: Went out to get some groceries then saw some familiar people..turns out they followed me pole pole tu..
within three minutes of my peaceful time I went back to the dont do that..ntachapa😂😂😂.
daughtykerubo: 😂😂manage what! Nitarudi nipate hata hawajakula coz they did not know what to cook yet kuna foodstuffs.