Ali Kiba had signed six people in his record label, Kings Music.

Well, two of them have now ditched the label in a plan that was well, strategized and thought about.

Cheed and Killy shared on their social media that they had left Kiba’s music business.

The two shared the same ‘goodbye’ message on their social media pages.

They even uploaded it at the same time.

Part of the message read;

“I’d like to inform my fans that I am no longer part of King’s music records. I have made this decision by myself. 

Ali Kiba has been one of the most important people in my life who has shown me the direction in my music career. May God protect him for what he has done and I thank him and will never cease to thank him.

I love you Ali Kiba my brother and you know it.  I thank you for your understanding as your younger brother and I need your blessings and I’d also like you to pray for me as long as I know we’ve parted ways well without bad blood neither have we ever argued.”

Ali Kiba has now narrated the entire ordeal saying that they knocked on his door at night to tell him about the news.

He said this in an interview with Clouds TV.

I was surprised. Kings Music is like a school, if you feel you are content, you can go.

They came to me at night when I was already asleep at around 1AM, when they called, I was shocked. I had to wake up, I went to listen to them and they said they were exiting.

The conversation took like 5 minutes. I was tired and sleepy.

Kiba says he didn’t even listen to the reason as to why they decided to leave.

He shut rumours that he had asked them to move to another house he owns.

I didn’t do anything like that, they stayed upto when they decided to move and rent their own house. They were my two close people.

we’ve lived like family. 

Kiba, who says he invested a lot of money in the two artistes surprisingly revealed that there was no contract signed.

There was no contract. I do to people what is supposed to be done,

they saw that they have reached a certain level and so, they went to find greener pastures.

Ali Kiba firstborn daughter Amiya turns 11 in sytle