The five-floor building that came tumbling down at Makongeni Estate in Nairobi is a sign of sheer negligence on building standards. Classic 105 reports that the death toll as of today morning stood at 3. The tenants had told the landlord about the gaping cracks and malfunctioning doors but he kept downplaying the grievances.

He has since went into hiding – as Business Daily reports – which is a sign of obvious guilt and regret for being reckless. In a country where population is on the boom, the government should look into the issue of infrastructure and real estate and create more customized laws tackling cases like this one.

In the past, some buildings that have collapsed include the January 2009 collapse of a building in Kiambu town, one year later in January 2010, another building collapsed in the same town, in June 2011 the same scenario was witnessed in Embakasi, the next month same case in Ngara and so on and so forth.

This can be prevented by vetting of construction projects by the government to ensure that the handling is done by qualified and experienced engineers.

Take a look at the scene from Makongeni: