Talented actress and TV show host Brenda Wairimu has revealed why she won’t be showing her daughter’s face to the public any time soon.

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The beautiful lass who dabbles as a talk show host on Ebru TV was responding to a fan who had asked her to be a proud mother and show her kid’s face.

Brenda and her husband gospel singer Julius Owino, better known as Juliani, welcomed a child more than two years ago but they have shown her face to their fans.

brenda wairimu

One of her fans could not hold her curiosity and decided to tell sultry thespian not to “go down in history as the mother who never showed her baby’s face in pictures.”

She also challenged Brenda to be a proud mother adding that life is very short and kids are very precious as such, their faces should not be hidden.

“Hey ma don’t you have real friends in your life? Life is short, kids are precious why do you hide your baby’s face so much. I promise you such pictures tell a sad story not all your friends will tell you. Be a proud mother honey!! Don’t go down in history as the mother who never showed her baby face in her pictures,” JOHAPINKY WROTE.

But In a rejoinder, Brenda told the ‘curious’ fan that she will not be showing her child’s face on social media adding that she had made a personal decision not to do so.

“@johapinky social media is not life my dear, my decision to shield her identity from social media at least for now, for as long as I can, may not be understood by all including you,” she wrote.

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