Brenda Wairimu is a popular and much-loved face on various TV shows. She knows first hand what fame does to a personality, the good side and bad side.

It is that specific reason why she shields her daughter, Amor Njeri, for the cruel glare of the limelight.

Although she doesn’t like showing off her daughter or posting photos of her face, Brenda made an exception.

She posted a photo unveiling her beautifulWairimu unveiled her beautiful face.

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The actress stated why she doesn’t like showing her daughters face.

‘’Social media is not life my dear, my decision to shield her identity from social media at least for now, for as long as I can, may not be understood by all including you.

But perhaps if you were a public figure in the public eye yourself, you would understand better, the delicate nature of the situation. Posting ur babys face on Instagram does not equate being proud of them, or even being a good parent, ask around, plenty of fathers and mothers are parading their kids online, and yet do nothing for the betterment of the kids life or future.
Asante for ur concern lakini, though not very well thought out.’’

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Here are some photos of them looking so adorable.

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