Former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu has said that contrary to what people assumed, he is not suffering nor is he dead or a drunk as some said.

This he revealed during an interview with Massawe Jappani.

According to Lolani, the day the photos doing rounds on social media were taken he had come from rehearsals.

‘Most times people always assume that journalists do no plan and that they live a lie.

On the day the photos were taken my mum was not feeling well.

My mum was sick and I did not have cash for meds and I couldn’t take her to the hospital. I had to borrow Ksh 200.

So when I did that the OCS assumed I was living in poverty and that I could not afford anything.

But the truth is I engage in different jobs so I never lack cash for  basic necessities.

I have siblings but they are far away.’

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Lolani added that the reason that the OCS had come looking for him is because people had been wondering alipotelea wapi.

‘My fans have been looking for me for two months.

I have a home office where I teach people and get the little I can.

So on that day the OCS came looking for me but I was not around as I gone for some errands.

When they saw me they asked to take a photo of me and those were the same photos that were trending online.

Am not on social media as my smart phone had been stolen, so I did not even know the photos had gone viral.

Am I not supposed to do errands at home because am a big brand?’

The father of four went on to add

‘Some people said I was a drunk who blew off all my money on alcohol, yet don’t drink.

Others said I died, others said I had parted with my wife yet am still with her. Some said I was fired from NTV but I was not.

It was my time to retire.’

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