Patrick Quarcoo
Patrick Quarcoo, Bob Collymore and friends

Radio Africa’s CEO Patrick Quarcoo who is Bob Collymore’s best friend has paid a glowing tribute to him. Quarcoo and other close friends of Bob Collymore visited him on Saturday, July 29 and spent time together.

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In his moving tribute, Quarcoo wrote,

‘Once in a lifetime cometh a man who against all expectations wins and succeeds wildly in making friends, family and a whole nation love, respect and esteem him.

When I was first introduced to Mr. Robert Collymore he had two strikes against him. First, who could fill the phenomenal shoes of the legendary, visionary, committed, fiery, blunt, and driven Michael Joseph? The other strike I will not talk about.

Bob did not fill Michael’s shoes, he made his own shoes. Sewn with his relentless commitment to excellence and hard work, he created a new higher and noble purpose for Safaricom – serve the customer, serve the society, change lives and build employees. He made everyone aspire to be better with humanity, his deep warmth, unvarnished honesty and his humility.

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He also did something uncommon – he forged deep and lasting bonds. I somehow found my way into a small company of highly driven men – leaders of industry, diplomacy and media – which became the Boys Club. Bob and I shared the burdens of each other but quickly I realized we both collected African art and loved jazz. He was wonderfully talented. He painted beautifully and played the saxophone that he loved like a child with a lollipop. He caused a change in all his friends – he made us more human, warmer like himself and willing to open up and sometimes vulnerable. He made me and a bunch of stuck-up men unbutton our shirts and become men who thought a lot more about purpose. Thank you and Adieu till we meet again.’

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