Bridget Achieng

Naifest was a very hyped event.  Everyone who went for Naifest had a crazy story to share afterward. Some of this stories were crazy but funny and some were just sad.

Here are some of the things that happened

Artistes not being paid

Already artists had backed out of the event with the reason of them not being paid and they couldn’t perform and those who performed some were still not paid including the main artiste of the day Reekado Banks who didn’t show up

Disorganised event

The event was in shatters and chaos. How do you organize an event let people pay and you are  not a hundred percent sure the artistes will come through?

Poor security

So many people lost valuables during the event. Things like phones were going especially if you didn’t hold yours well.

‘When I look at that chair I see Shanty’ – Shanty’s mum mourns 

Death of a reveller

17 year old Shanty lost his life. Rumors has it that the bouncers beat him to death. An event is supposed to be a place for fun and not loosing your life


After all the disappointment and drama of the major artist not performing, guys were sent out of the event cause of curfew