Sauti Sol’s Bien was rumoured to have broken up with long term girlfriend Chiki, reports that came out to be false.

Mpasho reached out to the Kuliko Jana hit maker who cleared the air that the two were still in a relationship and as a matter of fact, they were enjoying each other’s company that morning.

What had initially catalysed the rumours was the fact the two were not seen together in events as always, and further not posting each other on social media as their custom. Chiki’s post however send the message that the two might have been having relationship issues.

‘Stop Calling My Wife With Stupid Questions,’ Angry Bien Shouts, Denies Break Up With Girlfriend

Chiki and Bien

Well, for the first time, the dancer has come out to shut the rumours down saying that

“Im a woman with a TV show, studio, multiple contracts, family and friends and yes, a phenomenal boyfriend. It took me a while to speak up….I wanted to take time to really think about how I felt…”

She went on to say

“The motivation behind this conversation is because I was not able to attend a number of events with my partner, leading everyone to believe that we had broken up.First of all my partner has not attended many events with me.”

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Chiki went on to say that she was about to start a hash tag to help women. But the question is? Why would she justify herself on whether she had broken up with the Live And Die In Africa Star or not!