Betty Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has spoken out about buying a Porsche Cayenne especially days after she quit her job at K24.

Speaking to radio presenter Billy on his YouTube channel Billy Oclock, Betty said,

“But why are you calculating that amount for yourself? The car did not cost Ksh 7.1m. Guys like to over exaggerate things.”


“It was not Ksh 7.1m hata wewe ukitaka unaweza pata,” she told Billy.

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Betty Kyallo PorscheBetty continued,

“People exaggerated the price but it was not Ksh 7.1m. Mimi nitatoa wapi Ksh 7.1m sasa?”

Billy responded, “Budesco.”

Betty laughed that off saying,

“Aiii budesco ni mgumu.”

Asked if her other Porsche Cayenne was repossessed by her ex after a horrible breakup.

Betty clarified,

“Mimi all my exes tuliachana vizuri. Nothing like that happened. Sometimes when you move forward some people around you are definitely not happy.”

She explained,

‘Hiyo story ilitokana na former friend who went and said all these things they are not true and people were like, ‘Aki pole pole sana’ and I was like for what?’

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Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo flaunts her new Porsche Cayenne

Betty said that most times she reads gossip stories about her and she wonders if they are about her or about someone else.

“I was like do I say something but I was like let it go.”

Billy bravely asked Betty if her politician ex, misses her.

“Aiii wewe broo!” Betty exclaimed.


“Mimi sijui bro, wacha kuchoma kwa mabudesco.”

Cutting that story short, Betty said,

“That is personal bro, no.”

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