President Uhuru Kenyatta is a strict father. The father of three has revealed that he scolded one of his sons for violating the Covid-19 curfew rules.

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Speaking in an interview with NTV, Uhuru said that the son had traveled to Mombasa where he went out and had fun with friends, only to come back to his grandmother. He wasn’t happy with him because he was putting the lives of his family members at risk.

“I asked him a personal question after it was reported to me that he had done that. I asked him: ‘Fine, you’ve gone out, had your fun, and enjoyed yourself. But now you have come back and you are with your grandmother. Your grandmother is 80 years plus. If something happens to your grandmother as a result of what you have done, how will you live with yourself? Because you want to see your girlfriend or go see whatever?” he said.


I told him it is not about me; it is not about listening to me. It is about how you will live with yourself.

Part of the Kenyattas’ family members were in Mombasa when the lockdown was imposed. Uhuru’s firstborn son and his wife Fiona recently welcomed their second-born child.

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The dusk to dawn curfew and cessation of movement was extended to June 6 and as of May 28, the total number of positive Covid-19 cases had risen to 1,618.

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Well below are things you didn’t know about President Uhuru as a family man

  1. He is romantic

He has proved so on many occasions, especially during public functions and everytime he attends First Lady’s marathons to support her. The two have kissed publicly quite a number of times.

2. Loving and caring dad and grandfather 

He is a father who loves his children unconditionally.

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3. He is strict

This was seen after he scolded one of his sons for violating the covd-19 curfew rules and risking the lives of his grandmother Ngina Kenyatta and other family members.

4. We have seen photos of him and his family hanging out together and attending public events together. He’s a role model to his kids and one of his sons Muhoho is said to be positioning himself for politics.

In 2017, Muhoho accompanied DP Ruto in Nandi County for a campaign tour and was unable to proficiently speak Swahili as he read a short speech from his smartphone. He was criticized heavily on social media for struggling with the national language. But why blame him? Si makosa yake.