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Popular comedian Eric Omondi is a proud brother. The multi-talented comedian, who is a great example of personalities who have moving from grass to grace life stories, has introduced his two sisters to the online community and Kenyans can’t keep calm.

‘I Was Paid In Sodas And Food,’ Eric Omondi Narrates His Grass to Grace Journey

Omondi’s sisters, who are a true definition of beauty and brains, completed High school and primary school this year and passed with flying colours. One scored a B plain while the other one managed to get 351 marks out of the possible 500.

Eric Omondi

“Let me introduce you to the younger Omondi’s… The Gorgeous lady on my right is Pollate Omondi our lastborn alipata 351 points kwa KCPE🙌 anaenda Pangani Girls and the Beautiful lady on my left is Rose Omondi our Fifth born.. Alipata B kwa KCSE🔥🔥👏👏👏 from Lwak Girls anaenda JKUAT… From tomorrow I am going back to Nairobi with them… They are finally coming to stay with me because they earned it!!! But first nawapeleka holiday😊😊,” Eric Omondi posted.

Team Mafisi are going crazy over Eric Omondi’s sisters. Check out the reactions

Sheanny: Brothee si unipeeko mmoja akimaliza school na marry akuwe wife for life?

Geffconte: So when you’re going to stay with you’re blood sisters mpaka utangaze ?tabia mbaya

Gmikaya: That’s so sweet..  I love you ….God bless you such responsible guy…but they so beautiful how will u handle hyenas @ericomondi

Naskymu: Hapo kwa JKUAT naona shida mafisi wameanza pressure ups cute
euphy_de_modelAwesome, family first always! 💓

Richiekairo: You have opened the door for Team Mafisi 😣 @ericomondi

Lulumarsha: Wow,great achievements, they deserve it💜

Lilly: Big bro duties…kudos brathee

Emkingkashkeed: Haha Eric Omondi inaonekana pia mimi ntakuwa guest wako oftenly

Babyras: Can I come stay with you too🙈

Mosestyson: Haya welcome to Nairobareh…land of hyenas

Fijiankipsis: Huyo wa left naeza kumhost pale JKUAT

Florencemulama: Beautiful girls. Motivate them and ask them to continue working hard