Bahati with his family
The couple with their daughter

Before Bahati met Diana Marua and their love story was written, he was involved with a lady by the name Kisha Yvette Obura and together they had a daughter whom they named Mueni.

Bahati has since moved on from that dalliance as alluded to earlier and now is happily married to Diana Marua and together they have a child called Heaven. He has also since patched things up with Yvette who had initially accused him of being a deadbeat dad, unwilling to share in the burden of raising and providing for their daughter.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!’”


The pairs’ co-parenting agreement sees the gospel singer pick up his daughter weekly and the two spend time together.

Bahati recently posted a photo of his daughter and a troll decided to take Mr Diana marua to task about whether or not he treats his baby mama to the same trips he takes his wife to.

Bahati had a curiosly sardonic response to the question saying that he treats their daughter to the best he has to offer but not her mother.