The couple posing with a grand piano

Gospel artiste Bahati has rebranded his reality show featuring his young family. Now on it’s third season the show took on an new look and feel, it is titled Bahati Reality.

It premiered this Saturday on NTV.

And boy, is it full of drama?

The couple’s trip to Dubai was part of the debut episode and the vacay was not all rosy, Diana Marua and Bahati almost broke up.

The couple enjoying themselves in Dubai

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Just like anyone who visits Dubai, Diana was looking forward to a desert safari, but Bahati wasn’t for the idea.

He advised his wife to stay indoors, while he and his boys go for the desert safari.

‘What do you mean?’ Diana asked.

Bahati told her that;

When you’re pregnant, you’re not allowed to go for desert safari.

Diana was so upset.

What’s the main reason we came to Dubai? One of the things is going for the safari.

The Barua hitmaker told her that,

But you’re not supposed to do it when you’re pregnant for the safety of our baby.

His two cents almost led to a fight and a break up too.

What do you mean babe? Why didn’t you tell me this when we were still at home [in Kenya]?  A woman is not supposed to go for the safari if she’s pregnant?

A visibly agitated Bahati responded;

Kwani kwetu ni Dubai? Mi nimetoka Ndumberi.

Diana and Bahati

She continued to rant saying;

We’ve come with a flight all the way and why didn’t you tell me not to board? What’s the difference?

‘That’s an instruction from Bonfire Adventure, Babe there’s a lot to enjoy here,’ Bahati said.

‘So you go for the safari I stay here alone?’ Diana posed.

The couple in Dubai

Bahati insisted that this was for the safety of their unborn child but his advice fell on deaf ears.

The child is still small. Let’s go for the desert safari. We can’t come here then the last minute you start telling me ‘ooh babe I’m going for desert safari’ and expect me to stay behind. It’s day one and you’re already telling me I can’t go for the safari….Then what’s the point of coming all the way.

She added;

I have a baby, I’m going to give birth and after that, I start the motherhood journey again.

She explained that; ‘After giving birth, he’ll start telling me that “babe you can’t go for desert safari” because of reasons best known for himself’.

If you’re not giving me this opportunity, there no other time.

Bahati tried to explain why he didn’t want her to go but she became furious.

No it’s not my rules. Let’s go talk to the tour guide but that’s what Bonfire advised.

The couple was later picked up by a driver and taken on the trip. Scared for the safety of his unborn child, Bahati asked their driver [an Arab man] if it was advisable for a pregnant woman to go for desert safari he said,

For pregnant women is very risky.

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The couple went for a ride and Diana sat in the co-driver seat while Bahati sat behind and she was busy taking videos but at some point she was scared.

Tumeenda hii safari ndio huyu mtu anataka kutuangusha na gari.

Bahati quickly responded;

That’s a normal drive! I told you to stay behind and let the boys enjoy the fun but..

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After a few minutes of driving around the desert, they went to an entertainment joint which was filled with pots of shisha.

They enjoyed a drink together as they watched a female belly dancer show off her dance moves.

Bahati’s eyed were glued to her and his wife told him that;

I’ve only allowed you to see the skin for tonight.

Her hubby responded; Because we’re in Dubai [laughing].