Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o has urged people living in rural areas to help feed their relatives in urban areas.

He said this due to the struggle many people have been experiencing due to the pandemic.

“Normally the parcels from Nairobi to Ushago have been TV, phones, or even chairs. But off late it has been food from Ushago. You call your mum from ushago and tell her if she does not send me flour then she sends a box to pick me from Nairobi I go back home or I will die.”

He said this on The Morning Kiss with Kamene;

“Mathe ni nani, anasyaga unga, ndizi mbili, kuku and she sent it via parcel for me to pick it on Mombasa Road. “

Kamene on the other hand told a story of her friend who has been receiving a helping hand from her mother-in-law

“Usually we are the ones who sent money back home for them to survive now they are the ones sustaining us Nairobians.

There is a pal of mine who was telling me her mother in law sends her 30 liters of milk since 2020. Her mother on law told her she is aware things are expensive in Nairobi so she should not struggle to fit that in her budget. She sends milk for the children so she took up that role.”

Jalang’o went on to urge people in rural areas to atleast help during this tough times

“I want to send this message to the people of ushago, we are doing bad, we will be back but for now, our life is not okay. Please send maize, send fish or even, potatoes. Things are thick do not forsake us at this time we beg you. Nairobi is bad.”

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