I remember when Ladasha Belle was born. Her parents, DJ Mo and Size 8 created social media accounts for her. Kenyans online made fan of them saying, “Wamekosa kazi, I swear!” A year later, the fruits of that move are being seen.

Since then, Ladasha Belle has amassed a loyal following online, bigger than myself, my cousin and aunt in the bunduz, combined.

Size 8 Addresses Rumours That She Is Not Carrying Dj Mo’s Child

Her celebrity parents ensured she is positioned in a way that can make her marketable and be called upon to be a brand ambassador for baby products.

The same happened across the borders with Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s first born child, Baby Tiffah Dangote.

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The fruit of their foresight has landed their baby girl an endorsement deal with a diapers brand.

Size 8 took to social media to talk about it. The Mateke singer hasn’t revealed how much the deal is worth, but going by the size of her smile, it looks like a tidy sum of money.

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Singer Size 8 wrote,

“Haiya sasa ukweli nimeona mimi ni mama hii singe pewa bila my princess. Mama wambo and @ladashabelle the brand ambassadors for diapers. God thank you for this opportunity. You are the one who made sure i never lost my little girl while in my womb the many times my sickness put her in danger all the time i was rushed to hospital you protected her. Now look at what you had planned for the two of us.”

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