Vanessa Mdee has showered her lover, American actor and singer Rotimi with love. On his birthday, Rotimi released a love ballad, dedicated to the life of his life, dubbed ‘Love Somebody’.

He shared that on social media and captioned;

No better way to celebrate my birthday than to spread love with this beautiful song & lady #LoveSomebody


Check it out;

Vanessa, on the other hand, wrote Rotimi a love letter that described how in love she is with the ‘Power’ actor

“what a difference a year makes, to think we were out GQing in Abu Dhabi last year and today we sit in our home and virtually connect with the world. My baby your heart is huge and in true Ro style on your birthday you continue to give, honored to be your eve in life and in this visual masterpiece” wrote Vanessa


So everyone has in one way or another been affected by the pandemic 😷 . Some more than others but one thing is for sure we were forced into isolation. We were forced to sit still and either be away from family or joint at the hip. In our case we’ve spent every single day together and to say we’ve grown is an understatement. We have been pruned, plucked, groomed, cultivated, restored … it’s been a beautiful experience and personally this is our new normal and everyday in isolation with you sounds about perfect.

The ‘Dume Suruali’ singer went on to say;

Now I say this to say with every dark cloud ( COVID ) there’s a silver lining. We were sitting around having breakfast and we caught lightning in a bottle with #LoveSomebody there’s no other way to explain it. The inception of it was divine. GOD IS LOVE. LOVE IS GOD! This song represents that exactly and the world needs it desperately now.

Happy birthday my King 👑 @rotimi

Rotimi aka Dre
Rotimi aka Dre with his girlfriend Vanessa


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