Club B shooting

Kelvin Okwiri, a friend to Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino has talked about how the politician’s security team threw him out of B Club, hours before the shooting of the club’s DJ.

Babu who is currently in “lawful custody” at Kilimani, shot Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve on the neck leaving him in a critical condition.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Kelvin said,

‘I was never part of the shooting It happened immediately I left.

I came at around 1 am and joined Babu Owino and some of his friends at the VIP lounge where they were drinking.

At some point there was some altercation between me and his security, So his security dragged me out and started insulting and assaulting me at the same time.’

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Kelvin added,

‘It got really Physical at that point that is when I drove down to Kilimani Police station and a recorded a statement and got a P3.

Kelvin OKwiri’s OB number

I am actually here to collect the video recording of the same from the CCTV.’

Babu Owino arrested for shooting B Club’ DJ Evolve

Kelvin who was advised by his lawyer against going back to the scene said he only learnt about the shooting hours later.

‘While that was happening I was called and told that he had actually shot someone here.

I called my lawyer and we recorded a statement and my lawyer advised me against going back to the club.’

Club B where DJ Evolve was shot at.

Asked on what relationship he has with Babu Owino, McOkwiri said,

‘I know him as a friend and have drunk him with him a few times.’