Radio personality Annitah Raey has said she does not see herself getting married ever again as she is not ready for such a commitment.

Speaking during an interview with Dr Kingori, she said

‘I don’t think I want to get married again. Marriage is not for everybody.

I will always need a man for companionship or as a father figure.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment which I feel I am not ready to make.’

In the past Annitah Raey had talked of how she got her son at only aged 19.

“I ran away from home at 13. I was raped at 15. I got married to a wife batterer at 17. Had my son at 19. Got divorced at 21.

I have slept on the streets.. I have slept hungry..

I know what it means to lack.. I have cried myself to sleep so many times I lost count.. I have been in a hospital bed for six weeks due to depression and ulcers,” wrote Annitah Raey in part.

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“I have tried suicide five times.. I have been so broken I never thought I would see another day.. But look at me.

Look at me and understand that when God wants to use you to glorify himself then he will do exactly that.

I am a loving testimony that when God Says Yes.. Nobody can say no. So before you pass judgment walk a mile in my shoe..”

Do you think marriage is a necessity in life?

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