Anne Waiguru and Kamotho Waiganjo

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is off the market.

On February 16, Waiguru and her love – city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo – held their ruracio ceremony in Kirinyaga.

Only family members and close friends were invited and none of the guests were allowed to take photos.
Ruracio is a dowry payment ceremony among the Kikuyu people.

Anne Waiguru has three lovely sons namely: Ian, Don, and Wabu from her previous marriage, while Waiganjo has three children.

Kamotho Waiganjo
City lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo

Many took to social media to congratulate the two and below are some of the comments:

Martin Mwangi: Congratulations Bwana Wakili Kamotho Waiganjo
I wish you all the best with your future wife. Respect👍

David Maina: Wakili Kamotho Waiganjo and Governor Anne Waiguru met on a ferry at Likoni 10yrs ago while headed for a constitutional conference. On Feb 16, 2019 they held a traditional wedding in picturesque Kiamungo in Kirinyaga. Hongera Mheshimiwa Ann Waiguru.

Mike Sam: If indeed Waiguru and Waiganjo have been dating for ten years, I now believe the good old wisdom that “time will prove your enemies wrong.” All those who made noises that the Iron Lady was Prezzo’s squeeze have been proven wrong with the passage of time.

Abass Mohammed: Congratulations to Governor Ann Waiguru and lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo. That is a good union. Waiguru is a strong, smart and hardworking woman. Waiganjo too a smart lawyer and a good legal and political analyst.

Kirinyaga governor
Kirinyaga governor

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But just who exactly is this man Kamotho Waiganjo? Here are some details

  1.  Kamotho Waiganjo is a senior partner at Kamotho Maiyo & Mbatia Firm.

According to the KM & M website, he’s a constitutional lawyer and is most known for his tenure as a commissioner at the Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIOC), where he was the Chair of the Public Finance Committee and also Co–Convened Devolution Committee.

2. Columnist

Waiguru’s man is a newspaper columnist with the Standard. He writes articles on various topical issues, mostly politics.

3. A father of three

He has two daughters and a son from his previous marriage. His daughters are called Nyambura and Nailantei Kamotho, while his son is called Waiganjo Kamotho. One of his daughters is the marketing executive at the Kenya Diaspora Alliance – KDA.

4. Law schools he attended

Kamotho studied at Kenya School of Law LLM (Master of Laws)

He studied International Finance Law and LLB at the University of Nairobi

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5. High School

He went to Thika High School, a national school which is ranked among the best.

6. Experience

Kamotho is also a renowned commercial and conveyancing lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in private practice.

7. He is wealthy and lives in one of Nairobi’s suburb areas. Anne Waiguru leaves in Nyari estate, where the rich Kenyans stay.

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Below are photos of Kamotho
Kamotho Waiganjo Kamotho Waiganjo Kamotho Waiganjo