Anne Waiguru’s sweetheart has narrated a rather embarrassing confrontation he had with the husband of a city woman he has interacted with briefly.

Waiguru’s bae, lawyer, Kamotho Waiganjo narrated the ordeal in a Facebook post.

He wrote: “Kenyan men and their issues…”

Adding, “So I get this call from an agitated husband telling me to leave his wife alone. Who’s this nut I wonder? His evidence? He’s gone through her phone and I send Mpesa to her regularly.”

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Waiganjo continued, “Of course, I say that’s nonsense then out of curiosity I ask for her number. It turns out she’s my two daughter’s Kenyatta Market hairdresser so ofcourse, I Mpesa her regularly. [The] embarrassed hubby, [utters] profuse apologies, one marriage saved….HELP!”

Waigajo Kimotho Anne Waigurs fianceHis pals who read the post commented.

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Here are some of their thoughts on the issue.

Baken Khuleidy: He didn’t have the guts to ask his wife?

Paul Wind:  The best way to protect your wife or girlfriend is to treat her right…spoil her with affection to a point she can’t take anything less…that way no man will ever touch the wife’s phone to go through texts to see who could be treating her well than him….that was a big shame on that man…

Donald Rabala:  Hahahaha! Insecurity is a terrible disease

Sue Njeri Omollo: Achana na mipango ya mpesa na mabibi za watu u give your daughters cash.

William Mwangi: Hehehe…The guy is not satisfied. Am sure He is right now digging who you are; and where you eat lunch. Switch off your phone and leave Africa

Johnmark Gakure: A lesson learnt right there. I do alot of mpesa payments direct to some ladies numbers. I have stopped immediately.

Macharia Waiganjo: You’re lucky he didn’t run to some tabloids. That would have been one juicy story for next weeks edition. And I can guess what the headline would have been.

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