Anne Kansiime and ex-hubby Gerald Ojok parted ways early last year. Months later, Ojok is making headlines after a photo of him getting cosy with another woman went viral.

Anne Kansiime

Their break up happened four years after their traditional wedding ceremony. Kansiime first confirmed this during a Facebook session with fans where she asked them to ask her any burning questions about her life.

Anne Kansiime

In a past interview, the comedian for the first time revealed why her hubby Gerald Ojok aka O.J left the marriage.

I’m single, available, my schedule is tight. I’m just single, extremely single.

So, did the hubby leave because the comedienne was making more money than he was?

That’s a fact, I cannot deny, I don’t Know whether that is why he left, they were many other reasons that we can’t go into.

Kansiime and ex-hubby

‘Why my husband left me,’ whispers comedian Anne Kansiime reveals

Well, here is the viral photo that shows Kansiime’s ex-hubby might have moved on!

Gerald Ojok