Andrew Kibe is breathing fire after a woman left his house without making the bed following their escapade.

According to Kibe that’s unfathomable.

 I don’t care how long you have been at my house, whether it’s five minutes how can you leave the bed unmade?

You have slept there, eaten and shi**ed in that house. how dare you leave the bed unmade?

Things like this are what is making men dump you.

If you don’t believe me go ask a man who has dumped you before why they did so.

‘I have never smashed a workmate,’ Andrew Kibe clears the air

According to Andrew, such habits are abnormal given that activities such as dish washing cannot perform themselves.

It’s not normal. those dishes won’t wash themselves,the bed won’t make itself, the same way you cannot f*ck yourself.

But what I can tell you is go f**k yourself because such behaviour is bulls**t.

Women have been in the past been crucified for acting like wives rather than just girlfriends when they visit their men.

Things like washing his house, clothes, cooking him meals, going to the market or even preparing his bath are things that should be done for a man who has paid dowry.

If he wants them done, he either brings your parents dowry ama atafute mboch.

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