Size 8

Mama wambo wewe ni mfunny! What are these yellow yellow things you put on your head? Size 8 has a new hairstyle and it seems she wanted to match it with her skin colour, or perhaps she wanted to be a Chipukeezy look alike. She reminds me of RDX who sang the club banger bend over!

Months after ditching her maroon weaves, Size 8 came back to the norm of rocking black and brown weaves and now the unexpected has happened. Size 8 has cut her hair and dyed it but one thing for sure its an epic fail.

Lets not blame the barber or the saloonist, everybody has their own taste and it seems after Tiga Wana, Size 8 wants to make headlines before her new jam. This has come after her Mapochopocho song did not hit the headlines as expected and now this might be a new way she is trying to keep her fans to her attention. I must say the song Vidonge had more content than this!

HUYU DAME NI STRONG AKI! Size 8 Reveals a Shocking Revelation About Her Health And Why She’s Not Happy At Times (VIDEO)

Now that DJ Mo has flawless hair than wifey, who are we to predict who will now be using millions of money in the salon? Lets say its her bad hair days!