Kanyari vs Betty Bayo

It seems people got it all wrong, Betty Bayo is not engaged to a Caucasian man.

According to her ex-husband, Pastor Victor Kanyari, Betty is set to walk down the ail with a Kenyan man from the Kikuyu tribe.

Here are five things you did not know about Betty’s new beau.

  1. He is not Caucasian, ni team light skin. He engaged Betty Bayo on her 33rd birthday party hosted at Trademark Hotel.
  2. Betty’s ex hubby doesn’t approve of him. Speaking to Word Is, Pastor Victor Kanyari said,

“I thought she was going to marry ‘Jesus’ after all the hateful things she said about me,” he said.

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“He is from Central Kenya but can’t compete with my level. He is a hungry man, that is the best way I can describe him. I can buy them lunch, only that they have not shown up.”

3. The prophet did not just stop with his disapproval, he also age a back story of whom Betty’s Fiance is.

“He is a man who left his family, a wife and two children somewhere. She did not look for Jesus, tell her to marry a holier ‘Jesus’ kind of a man so she can surprise us, not a man who has been used somewhere.”

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4. Betty and her bae are planning a big white wedding soon. So accommodating are they that they have even invited Kanyari to be part of the wedding ceremony.

“I can’t attend her wedding although I am invited. She should continue with her life,” he said.

“I came before him and at least opened some way for him. He can continue with where I left, although there were others before me.”

5. The new mystery boo is Betty’s dream man. She had earlier on given some of the characteristics of a man she would love to marry.

“Divorcee, single father (bird of the same feathers).”

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