The ex-wife of popular Akorino gospel star, Annie Shiku, has come out to detail how Allan Aaron dumped her and the kids with no explanation whatsoever.

In a candid interview with Youtube channel Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM),  Shiku  said that after 7 years in a blissful marriage things took a turn for the worst when Aaron went abroad in search  of greener pastures.

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“He started acting funny. He would not pick up my calls and whenever he did, he had very unkind words for me,” she recalled.


“After a while there was no communication as he had blocked me.”

Shiku did not give up. She fought for her marriage and maintained hope he would still come back to her.

“I could tell all my friends that all was well. I was hurting, but I did not want to show that. We later met at a funeral after he had returned without my knowledge,” she said.

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Her hope was reignited because she knew now they had a chance to work things out.

How wrong she was?!


“Together with my children, we waited and waited. He didn’t come. We saw him after four weeks when he came to pick up his belongings. He was very unfriendly and refused to explained anything.”

After spotting him at that funeral, the gospel singer never returned home to his wife and kids. That was in 2017.

Shiku was not crashed. She picked herself up and sought out the silver lining.

“I went through so much pain, but now I know why it happened. I became much stronger. I realised I had a talent in singing. God opened new doors and today, I sell cars,” she said.

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