Tanasha Donna's baby

Comedian and media personality Mwijaku has spilled the beans on why Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’s family didn’t get along.


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Speaking in an interview with Bongo 5, Mwijaku said,

epuka kidogo kuwachukua wanawake wana upeo wa elimu. Unajua Tanasha haamini ushirikina. Ukimpa makombe anywe hanywi anamwaga. Ukimpelekea “bangle” afunge mtoto wake asiote hamfungi kwa sababu yeye sio mwenye familia ya kuamini vitu kama hivyo. Kwa hivyo kwake haamini hayo na ugumu ilikuja hapo. They couldn’t agree. [Diamond should not go for women who are more learned than him. Tanasha doesn’t believe in witchcraft. If you give her traditional ‘medicine’ to drink she doesn’t, instead she pours it. When given something to tie on her son’s wrist so as to protect him from things she doesn’t do it. They fell out coz of their differences].

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He added,

Familia inaamini kuwa baada ya kujifungua lazima unywe kombe, mtoto tumfunge tungulu lakini Tanasha haamini hicho kulingana na mazingira ya magharibi aliyokulia. [Diamond’s family believes that after a woman has given birth she has to drink the traditional ‘medicine’ and the kid has the ‘protective charm’ on but Tanasha doesn’t believe in such because she grew up in Western countries where people don’t practice witchcraft].

Last weekend, the mother of one left many speculating that her in-laws practice witchcraft after she shared a post on devil worshipping.

I will never sell my soul…

Tanasha Donna
I’ll never sell my soul…Tanasha Donna

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Mwijaku added that he and the mother of one are friends and in good terms.

The comedian predicted that the relationship between Diamond and his Kenyan baby mama wouldn’t last long. He also said the Tanzanian crooner was not ready to settle down.

Diamond and Tanasha

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