Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef
Ali Kiba and wife Amina Khalef

Veteran Tanzanian singer and his Kenyan Wife – Amina Khalef – seem to be having problems with their marriage.

Concerns have surfaced in the past over the state of their relationship with the singer, each time, dismissing them as inconsequential and normal in marriages.

Reports allude to the bad blood between the singer’s wife and his mother as the primary reasons for their relationship blips.

With Amina Khalef currently in Mombasa with her mother, netizens caught on and expressed their concerns citing there were always lapses whenever Amina moved back home.

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Ali Kiba’s mom speaking in an interview with Clouds Media refuted claims of a storm in paradise saying that her son and his wife have a beautiful relationship.

When posed with a question of where her daughter in law was currently, Ali’s mom affirmed that Kiba’s wife is indeed not in Tanzania but in Mombasa for an occasional holiday.

She added that Amina had gone to visit her mom in what she loosely termed as a love holiday.