Every time gospel singer Willy Paul is in headlines for the wrong reasons, the woman who brought him into this world gets worried sick.


Hapana Tambua Injili! Is Willy Paul Going Full Blown Secular? (LEAKED SONG)

She revealed how exactly she feels about his scandals when “Sijafika” hit maker gave her a call during a live interview.

We had sought to establish whether he is close with his mother and how she feels about the bad press that her son has been getting in the past few months.

Willy Paul rubbished reports that his mother is languishing in poverty while he continues to enjoys the good things life has to offer before he picked up his phone to call her.

When contacted, the singer’s mother revealed that she loves him so much to an extent that she gets very troubled whenever he is being “lynched” by the public.

“Pia mimi nakupenda ndio maana shida ikitokea naskia nimeisha (I also love you that’s why I feel troubled whenever a problem arises),” she said.

Here is the video.

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